Monday, 21 November 2011

Rhinos flown by helicopter

In South Africa, 19 animals were moved by air, to protect them from
poachers. For a kilo of horn are paid up to 50 000 €
Rhinoceros in the approach
05th November 2011 10.00 clock, BZ
"So, a rhinoceros in South Africa, flying through the air ..." What
sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, it really is. 19 Rhinos
traveled by helicopter - hanging upside down from a rope.

The unusual transport has a terrible background. According to the WWF
were killed in the first ten months of 2011 in South Africa already
341 rhinos. That's eight more than in the entire 2010 calendar year.
In order to protect the endangered giant inventory of extinction, have
now been resettled some of them. "Our biggest goal was," said Animal
Control Michael Raimondo, "the animals to be transported to a possible
stress-free way. Before they went into the air, they were stunned, of
course." The air travel was necessary because the rhinos in a very
remote area were caught. After the 20-minute flight, we went further
in vans on the road. Where exactly are the new areas of rhino remains
strictly geheim.Allerdings it should not take very long to poachers
have also found this sanctuary. The bands are technically well
equipped to hunt with night vision goggles and helicopters from the
partially heraus.Das business is both lucrative and dangerous. Thus,
between April 2010 and March 2011 over 200 poachers were arrested and
16 killed. They risked their lives, because to be paid for a kilogram
of rhino horn on the black market up to 50 000 €. Especially in Asia,
the powder horn as an aphrodisiac and a remedy is gefragt.Dabei is the
substance the same as in human fingernails.