Monday, 21 November 2011

WWF flies rhinos

Slumbering elephants, sail tied up in the Wild West style through the
air? Something like you see in real life only on the eastern Cape of
South Africa.

The so-called black rhino has been classified by the "International
Union for Conservation of Nature" as highly endangered. For centuries,
the peaceful animals are hunted for their valuable tip is to have the
dubious healing powers.

The helicopter flight over the African plains is a new
Umsiedelungsmethode to ship to wilder rhinos from contaminated to safe
areas. The stunned giants can thus also be recovered from the densest
thickets and rugged landscapes.

"It's an incredible sight," project leader Jacques Flamand raves
about the flying elephants. "Every time you stand back there and can
not take my eyes off the sky! Of this, the entire air transportation
is so easy ... we could bite us in the butt that we did not already
come out years ago."

In this way, as part of unprecedented campaign WWF-flown nearly 120
animals in a secure future. Even first records are already available:
the last 19 black rhinos were 1500 km away from their homeland for a
new home.

Black rhinos moved to new home by helicopter from WWF on Vimeo.