Saturday, 7 July 2012

ZooMumba New rhinos at the zoo

Now it is even wilder in the zoo the zoo simulation ZooMumba. You may now three new species of rhino in the kennel and breed them in your zoo offer a new home.

This time there are no pink rhino, but slate-gray, gray and dark gray pachyderm:

New to the breeding station: white rhino, black rhino and Indian rhino
The slate-gray white rhino is the largest of all living species of rhinoceros and at home in the grassy savannas of Africa. Large bulls can even reach a weight of 3.6 tonnes. The white rhino has a broad, blunt muzzle and large pointed ears and is up to the edges of ears, eyelids, and the hairless tail.

For white rhinoceros is joined by the gray black rhino, which in the African savannah, and now in East and South Africa can be found. Besides its robust body with short, strong legs, the black rhino is distinguished by its eponymous finger-shaped pointed upper lip, pulls the rhino with the leaves and branches of shrubs.

The third new rhino species in the breeding station of ZooMumba is joined by the dark gray-horned rhinoceros, which is native to the Indian subcontinent, added. The Indian rhino is on the white rhino is the second largest rhinoceros and awakened because of the numerous prominent folds of skin the appearance of a heavy tank.

With three new and very sweet breeding species may be breeding station in ZooMumba now well filled. This makes for parrots, reindeer, zebras, giraffes, flamingos, hippos, lions, kangaroos and rhinoceroses now for experienced zoo directors do not get bored, and new species for higher levels are desirable.

First, we wish you much fun rhino breeding in Zoomumba!